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New Generation of Digital Media

Pure Digital Technology has developed a Medical/Research Grade, High-Performance-Cluster (HPC), that scales to the future and beyond. By having a SuperComputer with powerful resources, allows Pure Digital Technology to deliver it's media to billions of subscribers/devices around the globe. By using 100% OpenSource Technology, it allows for a robust, and highly secured environment. It's a digital world, by thinking 'outside of the box' allows us to grow technology beyond limits.

Renewable Energy and Supercomputing

By computing with renewable energy have less chance of degrading the biosphere, but have the advantage of leveraging off billions of years of molecular evolution. 

OpenSource Software

Effective, Efficient, and Evolutionary.



Our News library provides collections of materials on numerous events in which Pure Digital Technology, LLC has been actively engaged. These pages are very useful for members of the media.

Quantum computing will make your PC look like a calculator

Winfried Hensinger likes Star Trek. “It goes all the way back to primary school,” said the director of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies in England. “I wanted to be science officer on the Enterprise, so I worked out in about grade five that I wanted to study physics.” Today, his day-to-day work on abstract notions of quantum mechanics would make even Spock’s ears perk up. “[Quantum computing] has a huge appeal for young people,” Hensinger told Digital Trends, “because it’s basically science fiction.” When he started in the field, it was largely confined to theoretical study. Today, the most

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123% Jump Live-streaming boom

China’s live-streaming video craze is producing huge returns for U.S. investors. Momo Inc.’s 123 percent third-quarter return was the fourth-best among U.S.-listed stocks with market values of at least $2 billion. The Chaoyang-based company, which went public in New York in 2014 as China’s answer to the Tinder dating app, has since expanded into the live-streaming business. Credit Suisse AG says that the industry has grown 175 percent over the past year, and analysts see more gains for Momo with their average 12-month target prices forecasting a 23 percent rise. The live-streaming boom in countries from Russia to India is

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High Performance Computing Global Market

The Global High Performance Computing market is accounted for $30.64 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $47.44 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 6.4%. High Performance Computing market is nowadays being linked to technological advancements and economic competitiveness, which are helping the market to compete across the globe. These advancements in computing technology had given many benefits such as faster computing capabilities, enhanced performance efficiency and smarter operation & management with high excellence of service. These all factors are fuelling the market and taking it to a next level. But increasing software hurdles are the major

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