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New Generation of Digital Media

Pure Digital Technology has developed a Medical/Research Grade, High-Performance-Cluster (HPC), that scales to the future and beyond. By having a SuperComputer with powerful resources, allows Pure Digital Technology to deliver it's media to billions of subscribers/devices around the globe. By using 100% OpenSource Technology, it allows for a robust, and highly secured environment. It's a digital world, by thinking 'outside of the box' allows us to grow technology beyond limits.

Renewable Energy and Supercomputing

By computing with renewable energy have less chance of degrading the biosphere, but have the advantage of leveraging off billions of years of molecular evolution. 

OpenSource Software

Effective, Efficient, and Evolutionary.



Our News library provides collections of materials on numerous events in which Pure Digital Technology, LLC has been actively engaged. These pages are very useful for members of the media.

Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) Acquires A Stake in Premier Equity Advisors LLC

Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) is pleased to announce that it has purchased a 20% membership interest in Premier Equity Advisors LLC. Premier Equity Advisors LLC has two subsidiaries, Premier Group International Inc. and the ERC Group. Premier Group developed the world's first protocol for 100% pure plastics.  The ERC Group©, in conjunction with PGI Int'l, has accomplished the goal of being the first recognized licensor of plastic  food storage products and other plastics that contain no additional animal stearates or fats.  Together, these two companies will have a positive impact on the lives of millions who require that

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Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) Purchases An Equity Stake in A Vegetable-Based Additive & Stearate Plastics Company.

Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) is pleased to announce that it has acquired 20% of the membership interest in a limited liability plastics company with operations in New Jersey. The company, through considerable research, has developed a vegetable-based alternative to animal stearate (fats) used as a mold release otherwise the plastic would adhere to the mold. The company fulfills a worldwide need in that those stearates, which are derived from animal renderings, are forbidden in many ethnic and religious groups.  General health is a potential factor as well, as these substances have been proven by U.S. Government laboratories to

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Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) Details Its Acquisition Of Preferred Shares In an IP Development Company involved With Properties By Legendary Authors George RR Martin, Roger Zelazny And Others

Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) is pleased to announce that, pursuant to a press release released last week, it has acquired 2.5% non-dilutable, preferred shares in a media holdings company with a focus in Entertainment IP acquisition and development. This media company is involved in a World Fantasy Award-winning property written by George R. R. Martin whose main two characters were described by Mr. Martin as “still favorites of mine”. As well, they are in development on a television series with a major studio for a sci-fi fantasy novel by Roger Zelazny and an Image Comics property for an

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