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New Generation of Digital Media

Pure Digital Technology has developed a Medical/Research Grade, High-Performance-Cluster (HPC), that scales to the future and beyond. By having a SuperComputer with powerful resources, allows Pure Digital Technology to deliver it's media to billions of subscribers/devices around the globe. By using 100% OpenSource Technology, it allows for a robust, and highly secured environment. It's a digital world, by thinking 'outside of the box' allows us to grow technology beyond limits.

Renewable Energy and Supercomputing

By computing with renewable energy have less chance of degrading the biosphere, but have the advantage of leveraging off billions of years of molecular evolution. 

OpenSource Software

Effective, Efficient, and Evolutionary.



Our News library provides collections of materials on numerous events in which Pure Digital Technology, LLC has been actively engaged. These pages are very useful for members of the media.

Axilogy Consulting Corporation, a Minority Holding of Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC), Develops a Children’s Book On Medicine

Aug 02, 2017 OTC Disclosure & News Service Reno, NV - Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) is pleased to announce that Axilogy Consulting Corporation is developing a childrens book that teaches medicine. Some images without text can be seen by clicking on the following link: ( ) The book was accepted to be a life-size exhibit at World Faire NYC ( where it will be showcased. Updates will be forthcoming   About Pure Digital Technology Pure Digital Technology is focused on Information and Computer Technologies to meet needs for home, business, communication, and entertainment needs. It is uniquely

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Pure Digital Technology, an Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) Subsidiary, Releases Alpha Testing of TV Broadcast

Mar 03, 2017 OTC Disclosure & News Service Reno, NV - Pure Digital Technology, an Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) Subsidiary and a global, online TV Platform, is pleased to release Pure Digital TV which will be the next-generation of advance entertainment television. Pure Digital TV integrated businesses will include the worlds largest independent digital distribution platform for music and video. Pure Digital Technologys content strategy includes initiatives based on creating original distribution tied to LIVE events as well as branded content. An important part of this Alpha Testing process allows the engineers to find bugs and to ensure

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Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) Enters Into A Joint Venture With Eagle Eye Media LLC And Hall Sales & Marketing Consulting

May 17, 2017 OTC Disclosure & News Service Reno, NV - Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a joint venture with Eagle Eye Media LLC and Hall Sales & Marketing Consulting. The purpose of the joint venture Is the following: to redevelop the Eagle Eye Radio Mobile Application with advanced features; Pure Digital Technology, a subsidiary of Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC), will utilize its open source broadcasting platform for the LIVE and prerecorded audio broadcast for the Michigan Post Game Show, by The Blue Print; Pure Digital will begin

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