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Pure Digital Technology, an Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) Subsidiary, Releases Alpha Testing of TV Broadcast

Pure Digital

Mar 03, 2017
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Reno, NV –

Pure Digital Technology, an Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (EGOH:OTC) Subsidiary and a global, online TV Platform, is pleased to release Pure Digital TV which will be the next-generation of advance entertainment television. Pure Digital TV integrated businesses will include the worlds largest independent digital distribution platform for music and video. Pure Digital Technologys content strategy includes initiatives based on creating original distribution tied to LIVE events as well as branded content.

An important part of this Alpha Testing process allows the engineers to find bugs and to ensure the integrity and quality delivering rich HD media to our viewers, while maximizing bandwidth efficiency to ensure a superior television viewing experience, no matter if you are using a 4G mobile Internet or High-Speed Internet Services. During this stage of testing, the platform is not completely ready for usage, but has been opened up to get some initial feedback. We are currently testing both the popular Android, and IPhone based mobile devices and tablets on this platform.

Due to the open source Broadcast Media Platform, Pure Digital TV does not require a mobile application. The delivered content can be viewed using the built-in web browser of phones. The downfall of using vendor mobile applications is that you are subject to their strict corporate policies.

Ken Williams states, the younger, and middle generations are using smartphones and tablets for entertainment purposes, and this is multiplying at a rapid rate. Being able to deliver content to billions of mobile and tablet devices in real-time is critical.

The Pure Digital TV can be accessed using the QR-Code technology as the primary distribution method.

The QR-Code for the Pure Digital TV Platform can be found here:


Further details will be provided in future updates.

For More Information, Ken Williams, CEO | Pure Digital Technology
T: +1.313.703.PURE


About Pure Digital Technology

Pure Digital Technology is focused on Information and Computer Technologies to meet needs for home, business, communication, and entertainment needs. It is uniquely positioned by having flexible tools in various environments, with adaptive resources, which allows Pure Digital Technology to be widely adopted. By using 100% Open Source Technology, it allows for a robust, and highly secured environment.


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